We are driven by passion and compassion

Gramhal’s team shares the vision and values of our farmer community. We’re driven by the passion to improve the lives of farmers and we do it with innovation, diligence and compassion.

Our Values

Mindful working

We strongly believe that we can’t fix what’s broken outside until we fix what’s broken inside. Thus, we promote a healthy work-life balance and encourage all members to take care of their minds and hearts before they get on tackling one of the country’s biggest problems!  

Learning mindset

We believe in systems change. It requires us to be agile and constantly incorporate the feedback we receive from the ecosystem. Hence, we are always curious and never afraid of committing mistakes.  

Practice compassion with passion

Our passion to solve agricultural distress is rooted in compassion for the marginalized agricultural communities. All our interactions with farmers' communities are of the highest ethical standards, and have a touch of heart.

Be an intrapreneur

We want to have an impact at scale, which requires the creative energy of thousands of individuals. Thus, we encourage all team members to think independently, come up with big bold ideas, take initiatives, and lead as intrapreneurs within Gramhal.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

We believe in clear and honest communication to create a culture of openness and mutual learning. We practice active listening and truly value other people’s perspectives.

Our Team


The People Behind the Company

Simeen Kaleem

Director - Business Development

Vidya Mainde

Associate - Quality Inspection

Vikas Birhma

Chief Executive Officer

Pankaj Mahalle

Director - Programs

Prakash Mahalle

Manager - Warehouse

Rupesh Rakesh

Associate - Procurement


Plot no: 98, Village Warud (Tu),

Arni Tehsil, Yavatmal District,

Maharashtra, India

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