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 our team 

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Gramhal is a nonprofit that is on a mission to build the agency of farmers

such that farmers can own and use their data for collective benefit.

 proximity fuels our passion 

Gramhal's inception was driven by a leadership team deeply familiar with the intricacies of agricultural challenges. Our CEO, Vikas, hails from a village in northern India and offers invaluable insights from his personal experiences, ensuring our initiatives are deeply rooted in reality. Achint, our CTO, is an Agricultural Engineer with a decade of global experience at the intersection of agriculture and technology. Our COO, Simeen, with her background in working with rural communities, steers Gramhal towards developing solutions that are genuinely user-centric. Together, their collective experience and personal investment fuel our passion to develop impactful and meaningful solutions for farmers.

 experimentation fuels our culture 

At Gramhal, constant experimentation is the cornerstone of our culture. We adhere to the core belief of remaining in the prototype phase until our solutions reach at least 5 million farmers, emphasizing our dedication to continuous improvement with an aim to build solutions that have enduring impact on the agency of farmers. This philosophy nurtures a team ethos characterized by humility and a willingness to embrace feedback. Our approach has enabled us to engage with over 250,000 farmers through various experiments, from farmgate trading to crop quality inspection. These experiences have not only honed our problem-solving focus but have also accumulated a wealth of insights, guiding our future endeavours, including the development of Bolbhav.

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 resilience fuels our courage 
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We've learned the hard way that social change work is like playing chess. Each time we make a move to help farmers, we encounter counter moves from other players in the field, who try to limit the impact of our solutions. This means things rarely go as planned. A recent example is when traders went on strike to prevent farmers from sharing their crop sale data with each other. We've faced similar challenges in all our projects. However, instead of viewing these as setbacks, we've always responded with resilience, finding ways to overcome the challenges and build enduring solutions. This persistence gives us the courage to create a data cooperative.

 our people 

Vikas Birhma



Simeen Kaleem



Achint Sanghi


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Nabilah Noorani



Avikal Parashari


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Nidhi Sharma



Shubham Wani


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Deepanshu Solanki





 work with us 

Gramhal's work exists at the intersection of multiple disciplines. Hence, we have space for everyone.  Be part of an exceptional group that is passionate about impact and wants to be the best at their craft. And, now is a powerful time to join Gramhal. We're still small, and everyone makes a foundational difference. If you are interested in joining our community, please check out our open positions. If there are no open positions that speaks to you, then you can fill out our interest form and we will get back to you within seven working days. 

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