We are a diverse, mindful, and open community

Gramhal's work is rooted in the concept of community. We serve marginalized agricultural communities. To do this, we focus on building our own community that is welcoming and nourishing to everyone.

We are inviting you to join us

Gramhal's work exists at the intersection of multiple disciplines. Hence, we have space for everyone - from a software engineer to a social worker and everything in between. If you are interested in joining our community, please have a look at the available opportunities. If you do not like the available roles, please fill out our interest form and we will get back to you within five working days.

Selection Process

We believe that to respect each other’s time and effort, transparency, and accountability in the recruiting process is of utmost importance. Hence, we are providing the details of the process and would request you to keep this in mind as you interact with us. There are four stages to the selection process.

First stage

The interested candidate should fill the google form. Language is not a restriction for us. You can submit the response in any of the two languages – English, and Hindi. You will hear back from us within five working days whether your application is moving forward or not. If your application is moving forward, then we will schedule our first call at a mutually convenient time. As we receive an overwhelming number of applications, and it is difficult for us to reply to everyone. So, if you do not hear from us within five working days, then, unfortunately, your application is not moving forward. We are grateful to you for considering us and taking out the time to fill the google form.

Second Stage

The second stage will involve a quick 30-minute call with one of the team members of Gramhal. Please do ask as many questions as you have so that you can also make an informed decision about joining us. The second part of the call is to better understand you as a person, your expectations, and aspirations. At this stage, our primary focus will be on understanding the candidate's fit with the organization. You will hear back about the status of your application within five working days after the call. If your application is moving forward, then we will schedule our second call at a mutually convenient time.

Third Stage

The third stage will be an hour-long video call with Gramhal's leadership team and will involve a more in-depth discussion about the job responsibilities and the required skillset. After the call, the candidate will have to send a written response of not more than 150 words about their reflection of the call – what did you like about the call, what did you not like about the call, how did you feel? If you forgot to ask anything include it here. You will hear back from us within five working days after the reflection submission. 

Fourth Stage

The applicants who move to the fourth stage will receive an assignment. The structure of the assignment and duration to complete it will be shared only during this round. 


If you chose to apply, and do not move forward at any stage, we humbly request you to not consider it as a rejection; the aim of our selection process is not to reject anyone but to find a mutually fit person, who is equally excited about our work. Gramhal will always be grateful to you for putting your time and energy to go through our selection process.

Gramhal believes in workforce diversity. We encourage applications from women, the LGBTQ community, minority communities, historically deprived communities, indigenous groups, other marginalized groups, and persons with disabilities. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.