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LISTag  is a service by Gramhal Rural Development Foundation for farmers, crop buyers and agri-input sellers which enables them to connect with each other from the comfort of their homes.
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LISTag makes it easy for farmers to learn and share the quality of their crop, get daily price information and connect with a pool of potential buyers. 
It also enables buyers to know the crop and location details of multiple farmers, including type, quantity, quality, etc.
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LISTag App Features and Benefits
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Connection with hundreds of potential sellers and buyers
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With a simple form users can List multiple crops on the platform.
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Filter and automate search for the most relevant crop listing.
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Get a list of interested buyers, their price offer, and contact details.
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Quality Reports enable faster decision making and buyers are more willing to reach out as it builds trust
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Daily Price discovery in nearest mandi which helps in better bargain power.
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Soon users will be able to enjoy the services of LISTag platform via whatsapp.
Call on 9399047406 for any questions or concerns