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Farm livelihoods and food systems are complex. We believe in constant experimentation to increase the breadth and depth of impact


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Since our inception, we have worked with more than 200,000 farmers and experimented with some of these levers with an aim to develop models that holistically support farm livelihoods

Farmgate Trading

To understand price gains by disintermediation of supply chain, we undertook trade with farmers at the farm-gate, and sold it directly to the industry.  


Infrastructure Development

To understand the impact of village level warehousing facility on the farmers' income, we built a small 100 MT warehouse in a remote village, where there was no storage facility. 


Crop quality inspection training and rural youth employment 

To facilitate doorstep quality inspection, we trained rural youth as micro-entrepreneurs through digital and in-person training methods.

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Personalised Price Information

To understand the impact of  price information on the farmers' income, we provided farmers with real-time personalised price information based on farmer's location, and quality of crop.

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Connecting farmer with buyers

To understand the role of connection with multiple buyers on the farmers' price gains, we developed a digital platform to directly connect farmers with buyers. 50000 MT crop details were listed by farmers on this platform, and 100K messages were exchanged.

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IoT based Low cost moisture meter

To ensure every farmer has access to crop moisture meter, we designed and developed a low-cost IOT based moisture meter.

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Digital branding and marketing solution for traders

To facilitate connection and establishing traders credibility among farmers, we developed digital marketing solution for traders. Over 700 traders have used this service.  

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Daily agri-related news and opinions aggregation and dissemination to farmers 

To provide farmers access to topical news and opinions around farm related issues, we experimented with news aggregation and dissemination through WhatsApp  

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Warehouse finance

To understand seasonal price gains, we provided farmers with storage, post-harvest credit, and market linkage.


Development of quality inspection tools

To provide farmers with doorstep quality inspection, we designed and developed a portable crop quality inspection kit. 


Doorstep quality inspection

To understand the impact of quality inspection on farmers' ability to negotiate for better price, we undertook 300 paid quality inspections at farmers' doorstep.


Quality inspection inside mandi

To understand the role of crop quality in price discovery during auction at the APMC mandis, we undertook 200 paid quality inspections and displayed the results on the crop lots before the bidding process.

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Connecting farmers with agri-input retailers

To understand the impact of competitiveness and transparency among agri-input retailers on the prices of agri-input products, we developed a platform to facilitate conversations between farmers and retailers.


ML based quality inspection software for maize

To enable farmers do the quality inspection themselves, we are building a machine-learning based software to do physical parameter quality inspection of Maize crop.

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Digital solution for mandi staff to share price information with farmers

To facilitate real time information dissemination from mandi to farmers in the nearby geography, we developed a digital solution for mandi staffs. Currently 14 mandis in Madhya Pradesh are using this service.

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Easy to consume information on Government schemes

To enable farmers easily access and consume information about government schemes, we develop content in vernacular language.

We believe in collaboration, and sharing our learnings, tools, and networks. If you are working on any of the above themes, and think that we can support you in some way, please feel free to reach us at 

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