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We build farmers' agency

Gramhal increases farmers' income by providing bundled post-harvest services of storage, credit, and access to the market through a digital platform.

Gramhal makes it easy for farmers to store their produce at a warehouse, and access credit against it. The credit smoothens farmers’ cash flow and empowers them to avoid distress selling. Then, we provide daily price information over SMS to farmers. Once the prices become favorable, farmers sell their produce at one click on their phone. This agency to hold the produce, and sell it after 3-4 months, gives farmers the opportunity to maximize their profits, increase their livelihoods, and avoid predatory lending cycles. 




Safety Assured

A farmer rents space at the warehouse through a phone call. She does transport pooling with neighboring farmers. At the warehouse, quality inspection of the produce is done and a tradeable warehouse receipt is generated.

Integrity Guaranteed

The farmer uses SMS to raise a request for credit to meet her cash need. She can make multiple requests of up to 60%  of the value of the stored produce. This smoothens her cash flow and provides her the agency to hold the produce until the prices become favorable.

Transparent Price Discovery

The farmer receives daily price information through SMS. Depending on the prices, the farmer makes a decision about selling the produce either in part or full. She sells her produce through a click on the phone. The money is immediately deposited into her bank account.

Registered Address:  New Delhi, India

Branch Addresses:   Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

                           Yavatmal, Maharashtra

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